The Gospel

The Gospel

Jesus Christ was God made flesh.
He lived and did not sin.
He died for us at Calvary
Our souls to finally win.
Three days and nights, death held Him there
Inside a cold, dark tomb,
But then He rose and lived again;
His great light pierced the gloom.
He drank in full, God’s cup of wrath,
So we would never taste
That bitter draft of judgment, so
I urge you to make haste.
Accept your Savior’s sacrifice
And tell Him you have failed
To honor Him and all His laws.
Admit that He was nailed
To that rough cross for all your sins.
Believe that He forgives.
Ask Him to cleanse you of your guilt.
Say you believe He lives.
Ask for His Holy Spirit to
Come live inside your heart
And thank Him for His mercy, grace,
And for a brand new start.
That’s all you really have to do
To gain salvation now
And start to live a better life.
The Bible shows you how.

©2013 Denise McKenney

Feel free to print, share or repost anything on this blog. I do ask that you let me know if you use one of my poems on your blog or at your church somehow. It might give me an idea of better ways to spread His words, which I am always looking to do. And of course, always keep the copyright symbol and my name with the poem so I continue to have the right to use them. You may not realize that if something is posted enough times without the copyright notice, I could lose the copyright and then someone else could conceivably file for a copyright and I would no longer be able to use my own poems! It has happened, so please make sure the (c) is always on the poem whenever you repost. Thanks!

God bless,
Denise McKenney

About dforchrist

I am a 50+-year-old Christian, live in Indiana with my husband and 3 cats, and love Jesus. God has been giving me the ability to write incredible poems lately as well as the urge to share them. I pray they touch you as He intends.
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2 Responses to The Gospel

  1. Joyce Griffith says:

    Your poetry is growing and growing, like your flower. Just like you.

    • dforchrist says:

      Thank you. One plants the seed, another waters, but God provides the growth. Can’t remember which letter of Paul’s that was from, but that came to mind when I read your comment.

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