Prayer Force One

Someone on the radio was talking about a group that was touring the country on a bus they called, “Prayer Force One.” I really liked that play on words, so I wrote a poem using that phrase.

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Prayer Force One

Each Christian has a power that
Beats anything on earth.
This power is available
For free, yet has great worth.
When Peter had been captured and
It seemed sure he would die,
A stronger force than Herod and
His guards was standing by.
I’d say that he had “Prayer Force One”
On standby all night long.
That prayer force won because their God
Was faithful and so strong.
You, too, have access to this power.
Just get down on your knees.
And trust yourself to God above.
He’ll always hear your pleas.
It isn’t words or magic stuff;
It isn’t force of will.
It’s God’s great power that does it all.
And He is our God still.
So all alone or with some friends
Make your own “Prayer Force One.”
And make sure you are praying to
The true prayer force: the Son.

© 2013 Denise McKenney

Feel free to print, share or repost anything on this blog. I do ask that you let me know if you use one of my poems on your blog or at your church somehow. It might give me an idea of better ways to spread His words, which I am always looking to do. And of course, always keep the copyright symbol and my name with the poem so I continue to have the right to use them. You may not realize that if something is posted enough times without the copyright notice, I could lose the copyright and then someone else could conceivably file for a copyright and I would no longer be able to use my own poems! It has happened, so please make sure the (c) is always on the poem whenever you repost. Thanks!

God bless,
Denise McKenney

About dforchrist

I am a 50+-year-old Christian, live in Indiana with my husband and 3 cats, and love Jesus. God has been giving me the ability to write incredible poems lately as well as the urge to share them. I pray they touch you as He intends.
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