We Are Christian

I usually think of parody songs as being funny versions of “real” songs. This isn’t a funny version, but it is a take off of a good oldie, so I’m not sure if it’s technically a parody or what.

Disclaimer: I don’t have any  connection to Helen Reddy or anyone involved in production or copyright/ownership of her hit song, I Am Woman, so I won’t post the words to her song or the music. Google it if you don’t know the song. If you do, sing these words in your head to that tune as you read.

We Are Christian (to the tune of Helen Reddy’s hit, I Am Woman)

Verse 1
We are Christian, hear us roar.
Our God is too big to ignore.
You can see too much, so don’t try to pretend.
‘Cause we’ve heard them all before.
Lay those excuses on the floor.
Jesus died for us and death is at an end!

Oh yes, we’re saved, for our Savior bore the pain
Yes, He paid the price and look how much we gained.
If we’re called to, we can do anything!
Our God is strong!
He is invincible!
He is Jesus!

Verse 2
You can bend but never break us,
‘Cause it only serves to make us
More determined to achieve His final goal.
And we’ll come back even stronger
We’re not hopeless any longer
‘Cause we know that Jesus Christ has saved our souls!


Verse 3
And as Christians, we will grow
Opposing evil, toe to toe,
As we spread the Gospel all across the lands.
But there is so much love to show
And still so far the Word must go
Until God’s love, my brother understands.


©2013 Denise McKenney

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About dforchrist

I am a 50+-year-old Christian, live in Indiana with my husband and 3 cats, and love Jesus. God has been giving me the ability to write incredible poems lately as well as the urge to share them. I pray they touch you as He intends.
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1 Response to We Are Christian

  1. Joyce Griffith says:

    Yes, I do remember the Hellen Reddy song. You have done a great job with these lyrics! Wonderful message!

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