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Christ, My Healer

We know God is the Healer, soThen why do Christians die?By His stripes, we are healed, it says.“But I’m still sick,” I cry.Then fin’lly I remember thatMy body is a shell.My soul is who I really amAnd in it, all … Continue reading

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God’s Grace

I’ve always found Jesus’ first miracle to be rather puzzling. Turning water to wine at a wedding? Seemed a bit insignificant to me for His premier miracle. Since I believe that there had to be some great significance to it, … Continue reading

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119th Psalm – Tau (22nd letter – T)

Time for the final installment on my Psalm 119 project. To recap for any new readers, Psalm 119 was originally written as an acrostic poem with each part starting with the successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet. I wanted to … Continue reading

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