My Testimony

This is the true story of what happened to me at a ladies’ retreat I attended last month. Heather Mercer with Hope4Iraq was the main speaker.

My Testimony

I stood there in the audience,
My body wracked with pain.
I praised my Savior, though I felt,
My efforts were in vain.
I prayed He’d give me some relief
So I could concentrate,
On Him instead of just myself:
My sorry, pain-filled state.
I leaned against the chair in front
Until I couldn’t stand,
Then sank down on my seat and tried
To listen to the band.
The speaker stopped the music and
Said, “God said we should pray
For all the women here who long
For healing any way.
I know that there are many here
Who hurt and need God’s touch.
He told me we should not pass up,
The chance to heal so much.”
I hobbled to the front along
With several others there.
The ladies formed an open ring
And lifted us in prayer.
Though Heather started praying in
The corner far from me,
She moved around as if she sought
The proper place to be.
She laid her hand upon my back
And I could feel such love!
I knew it wasn’t just from her,
But coming from above.
And when the prayers were over and
I looked into her eyes,
I saw such love and caring, I
Began to realize
That I was in the presence of
The great and holy One.
Though I looked in a woman’s eyes,
I saw the Father’s Son!
She hugged me close and then I moved
To go back to my seat.
I knew that something special had
Occured on this retreat.
The music ended and I left
To go back to my dorm.
The night was clear and beautiful;
The air was sweet and warm.
With every step, the pain eased off
Until it all was gone.
My muscles no more tight with pain,
My features no more drawn.
I did not know, nor do I now,
For God has not revealed,
If this is just a respite or
If God has fully healed
And taken fibro pain away,
But this I know for sure:
His hand has taken all the pain.
For now, it’s like a cure.
If this is for a moment and
The pain, in time, returns,
I still will shout my testament
Until the whole world learns
That Jesus can do miracles!
True healing can be done.
Until my death, I will rely
On no one but the Son.

(c) 2015 Denise McKenney

Heather Mercer was the speaker at Horizon Indy Ladies’ Retreat 2015, Higher Grounds Conference Center, West Harrison, Indiana

Feel free to print, share or repost anything on this blog. I do ask that you let me know if you use one of my poems on your blog or at your church somehow. It might give me an idea of better ways to spread His words, which I am always looking to do. And of course, always keep the copyright symbol and my name with the poem so I continue to have the right to use them. You may not realize that if something is posted enough times without the copyright notice, I could lose the copyright and then someone else could conceivably file for a copyright and I would no longer be able to use my own poems! It has happened, so please make sure the (c) is always on the poem whenever you repost. Thanks!

God bless,
Denise McKenney

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About dforchrist

I am a 50+-year-old Christian, live in Indiana with my husband and 3 cats, and love Jesus. God has been giving me the ability to write incredible poems lately as well as the urge to share them. I pray they touch you as He intends.
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1 Response to My Testimony

  1. Joyce says:

    Your poem is a witness for all time to the miracle that occurred that day. It is a blessing to me to be able to read it. I thank God for the miracle and all of the people there that were His instruments.

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